Bryant Street Gallery is pleased to present INFUSION, a group exhibition for the month of February. INFUSION is defined as “the introduction of a new element or quality into something.” This exhibition seeks to do just that by introducing Bryant Street Gallery’s newest represented artist, Heidi Jung, as well as fresh work from artists Ryan Cobourn, Sara Cole, and Stephanie Shank. INFUSION transcends genre, showcasing botanical and abstract, color and monochrome, gestural and representational. 

Heidi Jung is a Colorado-based artist whose work interprets flora with richness and intensity. Her background in photography informs her approach to rendering her botanical subjects monochromatically and with a certain degree of unpredictability — bearing much similarity to her background in darkroom photography.

Ryan Cobourn is a prolific and seasoned painter based in New York. In his own words, Cobourn’s paintings are “...are based on memories and experiences of the figure, the landscape, and the garden. The allusions and references remain slightly out of reach. There is a physical, tactile play between the veiling and exposing of forms…which can feel agitated, tender, and melancholic all at once.” Cobourn’s most recent works demonstrate a new sense of gestural ease and fluidity that are a marked departure from the precision and tension of his earlier work.

Sara Cole is a Bay Area artist who has exhibited extensively throughout the country for the past twenty years. Her earlier gouache-based works employed a graphic approach to botanical forms, using bold outlines and rich color to depict petals and leaves. Her newest works continue on this theme, but with more nuance. Cole’s latest works use the depth, edge, and texture inherent to bas relief to imbue more complexity into her pieces. 

Stephanie Shank is a consummate abstract expressionist painter. She uses her childhood memories and her extensive experience in various American locales to influence her vivid and activated paintings. Shank’s strong connection to her own intuition is the guiding force in her creative approach. When making her paintings, she considers the emotive and energetic qualities of different colors which allows her to make works that are vibrant, dynamic, and impactful. 

The cumulative energy and technique of these artists manifests in a gestalt that exemplifies INFUSION. The exhibition will be on display from February 1st – February 29th, 2020.