Inside Out – November 1st – 30th, 2018


Bryant Street Gallery is pleased to present Inside Out a new exhibition from Bay Area artist, Sandy Ostrau. Textured and vibrant, Ostrau uses oil paint to create people and places – snapshots in time and space. Her locations vary from the California coast to New York museums, but her figures are always obscured letting the viewer make a story for each form. The exhibition opens November 1st, with the artist’s reception on November 2nd from 6-8 pm.

Sandy Ostrau paints both interior and exterior locations. Her large common area interiors like New York cafes or public libraries showcase people at the same time guarded and also free to be whoever they are. Ostrau has a studio space in Mountain View, California and a love of the California Coast. Her mellow seaside paintings reference Southern California beach culture and its never-ending summer, and her architectural and romantic Northern California paintings relay the special connection she and her family have to The Sea Ranch in Sonoma County. The shapes and textures of the coast are reflected back in her abstracted figurative landscapes.

Inside Out will be on exhibit from November 1st to November 30th, 2018 at Bryant Street Gallery, 532 Bryant St, Palo Alto, CA. The artist will be in attendance of the opening reception, Friday November 2nd from 6-8 pm.

Artist Statement

In my work I strive to take a scene, a person or a landscape and condense it into a very direct and simplified statement. My goal is to strip away all of the superfluous detail and present each scenario in its essence. I try to reach a point where details are not important, and specifics don’t matter. This sense of ambiguity or vagueness allows viewers to interpret each painting in their own ways, to attach their own meanings and significances, and to experience these scenes on their own terms and according to their own desires. The precise who and where that may form the source of each painting therefore becomes irrelevant at the end.

In addition to this design process, I use texture to create a sense of dimensionality, to create a perception of three dimensions in two, to encourage the viewer to experience each composition as if they were actually there, to create their own narrative.