Bryant Street Gallery is pleased to present In the Pink, an online group collection of works by Tracey Adams, Marius Bosc, Ryan Cobourn, Sara Cole, Aondrea Maynard, Elise Morris, Takeshi Nakayoshi, Sandy Ostrau, Carrie Ann Plank, Helen Steele, and Jeanne Vadeboncoeur. 

In the pink” is a phrase that is defined as “being in good health and spirits.” In these difficult times, we understand the importance of being “in the pink” to endure the uncharted territory we have found ourselves in

As we all know, lives around the world have been uprooted by the effects of the novel coronavirus. We are living in unprecedented circumstances. Understandably, fixations on sickness and vulnerability dominate public and private conversation. Because of this, it is crucial to focus on wellbeing and resilience to find hope and motivation. And what better tool for that than art?

For some, art can be soothing, inspiring, even baffling. For others, it can be meditative, generative, and give purpose to one’s efforts and abilities. Art is a mutual respite for both viewer and artist, and we could all use some healing. At Bryant Street Gallery, we compiled this collection of works that embody our understanding of  “in the pink”. There is an inherent vitality and optimism to the color pink.  Vitality and optimism are what we want to share with you right now. We sincerely wish you all find a way to be happy, healthy, safe, and certainly “in the pink” now and always.