Where were you born?

I was born in Osaka, Japan in 1952, seven years after WWII ended. Democracy was embedded into our minds. I enjoyed my childhood playing music and being inspired by classic films from the 60’s.


What did you study in school?

I wanted to go to abroad, so I came to the USA in 1972. I loved the great space America had, compared to Japan. I learned English first, then quickly went to Art school at the San Francisco Art Institute where I got both a BFA and MFA.


Have you always been artistic?

I have always been inspired by humanity and wanted to spend my life trying to reveal an underlining human truth.


Are you a full time artist?

I have a side job.


Has your style changed over time?

My style changed frequently until I found my way in recent years. My main influence in terms of painting is Matisse, Renoir, Manet, mainly because of their color. Diebenkorn influenced me for a long time until I started studying Matisse and his ideas and philosophies. Then I started to be more interested in what I was experimenting with and what I was trying to say, often without really knowing what it was.


How have the cities you’ve lived in affected your art?

The cities haven’t affected me so much as the people in them. We should all try to enjoy one another. Seeing kindness in people makes me inspired to create art showcasing one humanity – with different colors.