November, 2018



Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and raised in Palo Alto, California, Sandy grew up loving art, but didn’t always know she wanted to be an artist. She started out with dreams of being a fashion designer, drawing the models from teen magazines in their fashion-forward outfits. She followed her love of art into a degree in Art History at UC Santa Barbara.

After a stint in marketing communications for a Silicon Valley company, Sandy spent several years creating silkscreen and hand-painted clothing and other items for sale through Nordstrom and other Northern California retailers.  Eventually, she decided to focus solely on fine art oil paintings.

Sandy is now a full-time painter with a studio space in Mountain View, California and a love of the California Coast. Her mellow seaside paintings reference Southern California beach culture and its never-ending summer, and her architectural and romantic Northern California paintings relay the special connection she and her family have to The Sea Ranch in Sonoma County. The shapes and textures of the coast are reflected back in her abstracted figurative landscapes, while her vivid colors harken back to her time spent in the American Southwest.