‘#eatpraylovepaint’ at Bryant Street Gallery shows off painter’s broad range

From Palo Alto Online:

“The title of Elena Zolotnitsky’s solo exhibition at Bryant Street Gallery, on view until Dec. 23, is ‘#eatpraylovepaint,’ and it is a fitting hashtag for an artist who is passionate about the medium of painting.

Zolotnitsky, a native of Moscow who now lives in Oakland, has been painting for almost 40 years. In an email interview, she said that she grew up admiring the work of Flemish artists Johannes Vermeer and Pieter Breugel. More contemporary influences include Richard Diebenkorn, Luc Tuymans and Paul Cezanne. ‘These are at my core so to speak. Everybody else comes and goes,’ she noted, adding ‘Have you noticed how your likes change depending on where you are in life, or what you are becoming?'”

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