Diane Carr

DIANE CARR | ABOUT  Artist Statement My paintings examine our surroundings through heightened color and shifts in scale. I am interested in emphasizing the material of paint: Certain areas are washed while others are layered, with spaces that dissolve into abstraction. My process begins by loosely combining photographs of [...]

Inside Out

  Sandy Ostrau   November 1st - 30th, 2018      Bryant Street Gallery is pleased to present Inside Out a new exhibition from Bay Area artist, Sandy Ostrau. Textured and vibrant, Ostrau uses oil paint to create people and places - snapshots in time and space. Her locations [...]

Gallery Group Show

  Gallery Group Show Alicia Armstrong, Timothy Mulligan, Helen Steele Upcoming Exhibition, Late Bloom, Opening Reception on August 3rd from 6-8 pm

Elise Morris

Elise Morris Wonder's Edge November 1 - December 5, 2019 Get to know Elise's work here. 

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