Begun during the Pandemic, Carrie Ann Plank’s work from Elemental Lattices embraces science, data, and transformation.  Working with visualizations of scientific datum as a base level, Plank explores the shape of the universe, the structures of the microcosm, visual phenomena, and Gordian Knots.  Pulling from sources such as TEMS photography from electron microscopy, visual interferences such as moiré effects, and historical forms, Plank strives to concrete the substructure of the universe and embrace the stability and truth of science.  While focusing on layers of sophisticated geometry, the space of intersecting pattern describes new structures. The work utilizes mathematical equations to create multiple overlapping impressions that reveal additional distinct pattern formations. The resulting forms are space in between, the intercession, of concrete data. 


Elemental Lattices is an allusion to an abstracted structure referencing mathematical order theory as well as the substructure patterns seen under scanning electron microscopy where graphene carbon layers creating a moiré effect and quasi-periodic hexagonal patterning is offset. The lattice as an idea of both overlaying pattern and in the principle that a system is ordered within chaos, is the overarching concept of this body of work and is also evident in the artist’s process.  Plank’s physical process of making utilizes unique adaptations of printmaking matrixes.  Works begin as drawings translated into multiple wood carvings that she rolls up with layers of transparent ink and transfers to her substrates. This anachronistic and laborious operation results in a distinctive mark-making.