Bryant Street Gallery presents Tony Huynh’s painted homage to the Bay Area

From Palo Alto Online:

“During a drive from the East Bay into San Francisco, novelist John Steinbeck observed, ‘…this gold and white acropolis rising wave on wave against the blue of the Pacific sky was a stunning thing.’ Decades later, San Francisco (and its environs) is still a breathtakingly beautiful place, as the paintings of Tony Huynh remind us. ‘Bay Vistas,’ Huynh’s first solo show at Bryant Street Gallery, features the artist’s personal reflections on landmarks as varied as Angel Island, the Presidio and the Great Highway. It is a colorful and upbeat tribute to the unique and varied geography of the Bay Area, at the time of year when the notion of “home” is celebrated and cherished.

Huynh was born and raised in San Francisco and claims that he was destined to become an artist. ‘I was a distracted individual growing up and was not interested in many things other than art,’ he said. He studied illustration at the California College of Fine Arts, graduating in 2009, but made the decision to become a painter a few years ago.”

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