Project Description


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Artist Statement | Youthful Diversions

Snatches of a jump rope rhyme stick in my head… “apple on a stick/ makes me sick/ makes my heart go 246.” Snatches of visuals from my childhood pop up in my mind when I’m going about my daily business… a doll bed, a stuffed animal, bags of candy. My childhood actively and constantly filters its way through the densities of my adult brain. I need to just skim the surface of memory, and there it is.

For this show, Youthful Diversions, I took those fragments of childhood and memorialized them. The subjects are descriptive, but the mystery lies in the brushstrokes and light. A set of nesting dolls becomes greater than itself when awash in the contained memory of the painter’s stroke. The universal is balanced with the personal in the play of light and shadows.

But don’t think that my memorials of childhood are a one way street. They are not simply a glance back, but at the same time they peek at the present. It is childhood through my own children’s eyes. I work from life, and it is their playthings that you see here. Once painted, they become a shared experience. Then we all get to wonder at the things which captivated us in our youth and to skim lightly the surface of our memory.