Project Description


Artist Statement | Youthful Diversions

Youthful Diversions is a series of work that is drawn from my childhood memories and impressions. I have painted objects that fascinated, inspired, delighted, and otherwise occupied me in my youth. Some images are universal symbols of childhood; who hasn’t folded a paper airplane or experienced the trauma of a dropped treat? Others are more specific; my younger sister had a penchant for taking just one bite out of an apple. We had a Pippin tree in our backyard and many a fruit suffered that particular fate. And while I cannot confirm the contents of my pockets as a child, I know that now as an adult my pockets are always spilling their “treasures.” I suspect that is a habit that I learned young. Perhaps my mother can confirm.

As is consistent with my usual approach, I have lifted the objects from their natural environment and painted them in a staged space with simple backdrops and dramatic lighting. This approach takes relatively ordinary items and elevates them to a more iconic status. In the context of the Youthful Diversions show I see this as form of viewing the past through a golden lens of time where the unremarkable, or the flawed and imperfect, become charming and nostalgic.