Project Description


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Artist Statement

I am an emerging self-taught artist originally from Seattle. I graduated with a BA in Economics and Sociology, and spent my professional career working in roles that required organization and detailed analysis. In my painting career, I have taken measured and controlled techniques and applied them to my art.

I began painting a about 7 years ago. Upon leaving my professional career in San Francisco my family was relocated to Columbus, OH. Sitting in my new home with blank walls, I decided to create art that my family would love to be surrounded by. Almost immediately I stumbled into my “dotting” technique. And within a couple of weeks, I was working on my first painting. Five months later, I rented a studio space in the Mission District, shipped a collection of work to SF, and had my first show during 2007 Fall Open Studios. By the end of the weekend, I had sold and delivered the entire collection to customers and galleries. I have not stopped dotting since. Painting turned into a passion overnight.

My art is created using the eraser side of a #2 pencil. Paint consistency, pressure on the board or canvas, and a steady hand result in my “dot”. Adding thousands of dots together using the right color combinations results in my balanced and detail oriented paintings. The circular designs that are common throughout my work are symbols of individuals. I enjoy learning about people, relationships, and dynamics between individuals, and am constantly challenged by the portrayal of those relationships in circular form. By using multiple circles together, I tell a story of interaction between individuals seeking love, partnership, or friendship. And when that connection is found, the circle is complete and whole.

All of my paintings are driven largely by color. I am inspired by everything that surrounds me, and attempt to recreate combinations of color in my paintings. Each color inspiration exudes a certain emotional explosion for me. As the piece progresses, my challenge is to maintain that emotional “vision” while adding more color, and ultimately translating that emotion to the viewer, simultaneously telling the story of the individuals that are symbolized.