Artist Amber Jean Young celebrates mother Pegi Young’s life with a new series of paintings

Amber Jean Young was recently featured in an article by Sheryl Nonnenberg at Palo Alto Online. The article details her show Pegi’s Garden and the impact Young’s recently deceased mother had on the work, as well as the evolution of her art over the course of her career.

“Creative people may have an advantage when it comes to processing grief. Writers can craft a poem or story, musicians can compose a song and multimedia artists like Amber Jean Young can tap into a wellspring of resources to deal with loss. When her mother, writer and musician Pegi Young, died of ovarian cancer in 2019, it seemed only natural that Young would turn to her first love, painting, in order to create a tribute. The resulting art works became an exhibition entitled Pegi’s Garden, on view through April 30 at Bryant Street Gallery.”

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