March-June Exhibition: Karl Pilato, Forms of Air: Recent Paintings and Drawings

Bryant Street Gallery is pleased to present Forms of Air: Recent Paintings and Drawings, an exhibition of new works by Karl Pilato for the month of March. The exhibition will be on view until further notice. 

Karl Pilato is a prolific painter based in the American Midwest. Influenced by place, color, and duality, Pilato deftly articulates an abstracted sense of nature in his paintings. In his own words, the artist states that his process is defined by his focus “…on the gestural character of lines and shapes, their rhythmic interactions, and the resonance of colors.” Karl’s new paintings bring a fresh sense of geometric and chromatic interplay to his already impressive collection of vibrant, energized works. There is a noted departure from the shapes and colors of his previous pieces — new, vivid colors and whimsical shapes come to the forefront more than they ever have in the pieces selected for this exhibition. Forms of Air: Recent Paintings and Drawings is a fresh and considered collection of contemporary abstract painting that is not to be missed.