Recent Paintings
Diane Carr
February 1st – 28th, 2019
Artist Reception: Friday, February 1st, 6-8 PM

Bryant Street Gallery is proud to present a new exhibition from Brooklyn artist, Diane Carr. Her atmospheric landscapes are contoured with geometric and botanical shapes, forming unique geographic scenes. She explores the area between representation and imagination, allowing curiosity and creativity to flourish. Recent Paintings opens Friday, February 1st, with the opening reception that evening from 6-8pm.

Starting from photographs of real locations, Diane Carr initially layers oil paints to create a groundwork that resembles her source material. From there she quickly she evolves her paintings with vivid colors and loose brushwork until her pieces are no longer based solely on the natural world and are instead recollections explored with invention and paint. Whether forest floors, mountainsides, or windswept landscapes, Diane Carr invites you to embrace her new images and immerse yourself in them.

Diane Carr is a full-time artist, living and working in Brooklyn, NY with an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and a BA in Anthropology from American University in Washington D.C. Recent Paintings will be on exhibit from February 1st– 28th, 2019 at Bryant Street Gallery, 532 Bryant St, Palo Alto, CA. The opening reception will be held Friday, February 1st from 6-8 pm.