532 Bryant Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301
ph: (650) 321-8155
Michelle Stitz
Artist Statement

I construct my paintings by repeatedly alternating layers of epoxy resin, recycled materials, and paint inside a steel box frame. As I work, I respond viscerally to each layer, moving quickly and methodically: Pouring, drawing, painting, or wiping, obscuring or revealing images and leaving a trace of the process in each. Like a time elapsed photo, each slice captures another rendition of the original idea, a small and essential encapsulation of a larger whole. Over weeks and months, new elements arise and develop, sinking and floating between multiple transparent lamina. Narratives unfold between painted images – inspired by personal and cultural archetypes. Allusions to myth, folk art, and Jungian philosophy are applied as reference points.

The result is a multidimensional process of self discovery, a personal exploration into the unconscious, dream states, and memory, documented in many steps for the viewer to witness, but veiled in an emotive subtlety with intent to illuminate what is familiar – a shared dream, a common thread, a universal ache.



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