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Teresa Stanley

Artist Statement

For some time now, my paintings have dealt with the theme of the garden.  My connection to all things botanical was not born out of a particular love of plants, as I am an indifferent and casual gardener. I see the garden as a metaphorical space, one that represents a cyclical or circular view of life.  In the garden, loss and renewal coexist as part of a harmonious interplay. It is here that I find a connection between the garden’s life and my own.

I imagine the garden that is the subject of this painting as being created from a series of complex and finely calibrated events. Although outwardly beautiful, this garden is not immune to the effects of random and unpredictable forces and changes.  To continue, the garden must tear down and rebuild new connections, adapting new methods for survival.  Meaning shifts and nothing stays the same.  Only the impulse to restore balance and order remains and only for a moment can that equilibrium be achieved. 

Teresa Stanley


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