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Jane Guthridge

Artist Statement

I do not paint literally what I see, but the emotion it produces in me.

I express these emotions through color, line and texture.”

MY WORK IS INSPIRED BY THE NATURAL WORLD - the rich colors of the land, the play of light on water, and the varied plantlife that surrounds us.

This work is created using beeswax with pigment (also known as encaustic) on translucent rice paper. The paper when completely saturated with wax becomes translucent creating a luminous, ethereal quality. I enjoy working with wax because it is constantly flowing and changing, imitating nature in its operation. Many of the colors you see are the result of seeing one color through another.

As the light surrounding the painting changes throughout the day, the painting will change as well. I think this constant change is a beautiful metaphor for life.


Jane Guthridge



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