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Artist Statement

I use abstract realm to obtain my object of art.

Rather than being representational and depicting something in a literal way, I concentrate on the physical quality of the paint itself which seems to carry the weight of the expression. However composition also plays a great role as well. These devices are used  in my attempt to capture the philosophy of poetry.  Contemplative thoughts go in and out of the painting  between the visual and feeling.

The evolving process of realization creates changes through transformation in painting; one arrives at yet another summit. It is only after experiencing the struggle to set things straight that originality is produced unconsciously.

The taste of life is subtly profound, with much realization happening during every stage of life. Beautiful sensation is felt each time, as well as deeper meanings hidden underneath visual experiences. The pleasure of contemplation of  the abstract realm is as fleeting as the evanescence of sunlight.


Takeshi Nakayoshi



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